Managed Accounts Program (MAP)

Managed Accounts Program (MAP)

The managed account program is one of the investment management programs that is available at our firm. This program offers fundamental research analysis taking into account current economic and political conditions, both from a short term and long term market perspective.

Our Managed Account Program will also address our client's requirements in allocating a portion of their risk capital to the Foreign Exchange market. This program focuses on spot trading in currency exchange markets particularly with the more traded currencies such as the US Dollar (USD), Pound Sterling (GBP), Euro and many more currencies. Under our services, we manage these trades on your behalf.

Based on our experience and expertise in exchanged currency markets, Private Fund Management Tenbroker. can offer to our clients the more sophisticated opportunity to participate in these markets in order to increase their overall portfolio return. Our firm advisors will have a direct access with this program which can be assessed and integrated with proven exchanged trading strategies which in turn, can be made available to our cliental.

This program is created for individual investors who desire their portfolios be managed on a fee-for-service basis. We understand that institutional investors and individual investors alike face challenges in managing their long-term, multi-asset class funds, thus the creation of this program to offer similar opportunities to such investors.
As a member, you will gain comfort in knowing that you will receive access to our experienced advisory services at reasonable fees. The program will include sophisticated trading platforms, dept-research reports, documentation reporting requirements and compliance standards to mitigate portfolio risk associated with such investments.
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