Frequently Asked Questions.

Question: How can i invest?

Answer: To make a investment you must first signup and become a member. Once you are signed up, you can make your first deposit investment.wit liberty reserve USD or Euro or Perfect Money or Bank Wire .

Question: What is the registration procedure.

Answer: Once you signed up necessary forms, you receive an account with us and instructions how to proceed with your investments.

Question: What the minimum and maximum of investment?

Answer: Minimum investments are subject to program plans. See Investment Programs description.

Question: What payment methods can I use to invest.

Answer: We accept investments by wire transfer and liberty reserve and perfect money. No checks are allowed.

Question: How long does it take for my deposit to be added to my account?

Answer:Your deposit will added instantly or as soon possible within 48 hours. also after 48 hours your deposit don't add in you account please will be send us email about this issue

Question: How long withdraw request will proceed ?

Answer: Funds are usually available and paid within 24 upto 48 hours.

Question: How can I withdraw funds?

Answer: Login to your account using your username and password and click "Withdraw" button, you will directly to withdraw page.

Question: How can I change my password or account of ecurrencies?

Answer: Log into your account and click on the "Account Information". You can change your , password etc.

Question: How if i cannot login into my account because I forgot my password?

Answer: Click on "Forgot Password" button, type your username or e-mail and you'll receive in email about link for verification and reset your account. after click you will receive your new password .

Question: Does a daily profit paid directly to my e-currencies account?

Answer: No, profits are gathered on your account and you can withdraw anytime.

Question: Can I make an additional deposit to account once it has been opened?

Answer: Yes, you can but all transactions are handled separately.

Question: Can I lose my money?

Answer: guaranteed 100% intserst not lose. your interst is guaranteed 100%

Question: How can i contact you directly if have more Question?

Answer: Feel free directly via email in support page to get answer or call us.

*How are the referral payments made?

Referral payments are made every time the person you have referred makes a deposit.

Is Tenbroker a legal entity?

Yes, is represented by Tenbroker Inc, the officially registered in USA - Germany - Cyprus - Dominica.

Do you offer compounding and can one change the compounding rate?


What is the requirement for minimum amount someone may deposit and withdraw?

Minimum amount for deposit is $25 and withdrawal is 1 USD.

Can I create multiple deposits?

Yes, our service is structured with traditional "savings account" feature in mind, where users may wish to make additional investments on the regular basis, per their investment needs.

What is referral link or URL?

Every Tenbroker user is able to display on forums, blogs and email letters their unique referral link (same as referral URL) as a way for our website to then identify such user as referring (sponsoring) party. Whenever a non member clicks on affiliate's referral link, our website sends a cookie (small removable tracking software) to this person's computer and if this person then creates an account and makes a deposit, he/she is automatically linked to the affiliate's account as being sponsored by her or him. Affiliate commissions money is then automatically credited to the affiliate's account balance. Funds shown as "account balance" are available for withdrawal request or instant investment.

Do I need to have active deposit to participate in your partner program?

No, our partner program is open to all members regardless of whether or not they have active deposits.

Do you accept Investors from any country?

Yes. We are very happy to accept investors from any place in the world. The only condition is to read English .

Is it possible to deposit money via one payment provider and withdraw via another?

No, it's not possible. We do not provide e-currency exchange services.

Can I make a deposit by credit card, check or wire transfer?

It is possible coming soon , but you can use any online exchange services . You can find verified exchanger here

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