Bond Proceeds Management

Our firm offers customized investment strategies to maximize our client's investment income which may be retained from their bond proceeds. If you are searching for more flexibility and for the opportunity to enhance your bond portfolio value from bond precedes, our bond proceeds management program available at The Private Fund Management may be the most suitable program for you.Our management philosophy is to create a process to manage your bond portfolio with less oversight required by you. In addition, our services can also address all of your reporting, arbitrage and vendor-payment issues as well as the generation of information in a reporting and summary format designed to your requirements.

These services will eliminate the time consuming efforts as required by regulatory compliance. Our clients select our services because we have: The experience, expertise and skills to enable us to handle a wide portfolio of public funds management. •The intimate understanding of Federal arbitrage regulations which governs proceeds from investment in tax-exempt bonds. •The reputation for integrity, performance, and results. Each client is valued by our firm and as such, we recognize the regulatory requirements that are imposed on our clients. As a result, our bond proceeds management is designed to assist our clients with their arbitrage regulation accounting compliance issues as well as to offer opportunities to enhance earnings and minimize risk associated with such investment activities.

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